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Why Does The Heart Suffer In Old Age?

Why Does The Heart Suffer In Old Age?

Heart Suffer In Old Age

Disease Formation cycle of Heart disease described in Ayurveda as follows.

दूषयित्वा रसं दोषा विगुणा हृदयं गताः ।

हृदि बाधां प्रकुर्वन्ति हृद्रोगं तं प्रचक्षते।।(मा.नि ) २९/२

Heart disease is described in Ayurveda as follows.

Impurities contaminate Rasadhatu, obstruct the heart and cause heartburn, it is called heart disease. This Disease Formation cycle of Heart disease clearly shows that the endothelium of the blood vessels in the heart got obstructed. This is called Endothelial Dysfunction in modern science. Old age is responsible for changes in the heart and associated blood vessels.

All the comforts of modern life are available. Especially for the well-to-do persons, walking on the fields, laboring in the fields all day is not necessary at all. Along with this, abundant food is also available to eat.

Due to this lifestyle diseases such as fast growing age heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression and insomnia etc arise. .

Heart health collapse due to old age this is because of Cardiac Ageing. In old age, the body’s body composition, function, cells and microcosm are the opposite result of the heart’s components. These changes caused by contaminated fluid.

Following Functional Changes occur in the aged heart.

Functional Changes

1. Diastolic function (cardiovascular function):

Diastole / expansion of the cardiac cycle involves two phases. Which is the initial passive fill and active fill. With aging, the rate of bleeding at the time of diastole decreases. Heart failure occurs due to unnatural diastolic function.

2. Systolic function (cardiopulmonary function):

With increasing age, the retraction of the heart becomes distorted. In old age, the blood pressure fraction of the left ventricle preserved to some degree; but impaired systolic activity reduces cardiac reserve during physical exercise and It is responsible for chronic heart failure.

3. Electric function:

Old age distorts the cardiac conduction system. Because Sinoatrial Node cell count decreases with age. Older people suffer from heart failure. Due to fatigue, sinus dysfunction occurs due to tiredness, chest pain, confusion. Due to old age, functional changes in the heart are accompanied by some creative changes.

4. Ventricular structure:

Left ventricular wall becomes bulky due to old age, congestion of the ventricles, fibrosis, irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, decreased myocardial muscle, due to these. All this contributes to heart failure.

5. Atrial structure:

In older person, atrial contraction is important in left ventricular hemorrhage Contribute. The atrophy and enlargement of the atrium causes an irregular heart rate.
Changes in heart cells in old age:

6. Fibrosis:

Changes in heart composition with old age; especially cardiovascular and S.A. nodes The number of cells of a node is small. Due to the change in the cells of old age, the heart is converted into fibrosis .

7. Amyloid Deposition:

Amylond in this deformed pristine old man’s heart Is stored. As a result, heart acoustics Damage done.

Molecular Heart changes:

1. Mitochondrial Function

Heart function requires a large amount of energy, which is provided by ATP. Disordered mitochondria cannot provide the energy required for cardiac function. Excessive free radicals and mitochondrial Dysfunction This is due to heart failure.

2. Calcium Signaling – Calcium Signaling)

Calcium is an important regulator of heart muscle function. Is Due to disordered calcium signaling for (atrial fibrillation).

3. Neurohormonal Signaling –

Neurohaemonal simulating is more active in the elderly. Reactive neuroharmonal signaling causes cardiac hypertrophy, fibrosis, and diastolic dysfunction.

Thus, in old age, functional, creative, cells and cells in the heart But there are changes, so chemotherapy is very important in the preservation and enhancement of heart health.

Thus there is a need for a multi-purpose multi target vision for optimal cardiac therapy. Cardiac chintamani juice provides multi-targeted vision for optimal cardiovascular therapy

Old age results on heart:

In Ayurveda super specialty medicines for heart health. It is suitable in coronary heart disease, stroke, irregular cardiovascular and cardiovascular vascular system. The main herbal components for old age heart diseases are Terminalia arjuna, VInula racemosa Hook, Withania somnifera, Brihat Vata Chintamani Ras, which is oozing due to its golden form. It is for an irregular cardiovascular drug. It also has chemical properties.

These drugs maintains the recovery, heart rate and vasoconstriction of arterial endothelium. These herb has the widespread cardiovascular protector function.

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